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DIANAVI provides turn-by-turn guidance to help you navigate and control diabetes.

We understand how hard it is manage diabetes. It requires constant monitoring, lifestyle changes, and lots and lots of record keeping. DiaNavi allows you to spend less time logging and more time living.

Our personalized navigation allows you to just live your life while we take care of the rest!

Benefits of DIANAVI

Personalized Navigation and Coaching

Most medical guidance you receive is generalized and not specific to you. DiaNavi is the opposite: We are individualized to your unique needs, lifestyle, and goals. Our platform provides personalized suggestions to maximize the efficiency of our guidance while allowing you to maximize the enjoyment of life!


All-In-One Dashboard

We offer a simple, easy-to-use interface that contains all the important information in one app. DiaNavi syncs and shares information. We do not believe in data silos nor in making users enter the same information into multiple systems. Seamless data integration in a clean, usable format is what we offer.

Major Features

  • Activity

  • Glucose

  • Heart rate

  • Insulin

  • Stress

  • Medication Management

  • Nutrition

  • Provider Reports

  • Sleep

CDC-Approved Education

For those looking to learn more about prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes and engage in self-management, we offer a Diabetes Prevention Program provided by the Center for Disease Control. 


DiaNavi is available from the Apple App Store. Click to go to the App Store.


We are currently beta-testing a version of DiaNavi for Android. If you are interested in joining our beta test group or being notified when our Android version is available, please contact us.

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