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DIANAVI Provides Turn-by-Turn Guidance to help your patients navigate and control diabetes. We help you set the direction and course your patients follow.

At DiaNavi, our primary goal is to empower the patient to bring a focus on health into their daily lives. We do that by empowering providers with extremely insightful information about each of their patients that use DiaNavi. Our platform allows you to truly understand what behaviors drive a user's actions, allowing you to spend less time logging and more time guiding patients to achieve their goals.

Benefits of DIANAVI

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our dashboard allows you to easily and quickly identify a patient's progress. Our technology fulfills the requirements for RPM coding and billing. 

Top-line report of patient's key information

Note: Data interoperability with the major EHRs is our goal. At this time, the patient dashboard is a HIPAA-compliant, secure, standalone website. We are currently working on integration with a few, initial select EHR vendors. Stay tuned for additional information on EHR integration. 


Patient Dashboard and Reports

As part of our dashboard, providers can see a snapshot of a patient's key behaviors and information. Progress and stalled progress are easily recognized. The reports also highlight specific areas of opportunity unique to each patient.   

Holistic Behavioral Model

Our proprietary algorithms build a holistic model of the driver of each individual's behavior. Based on the goals you set with the patient, we surface the major levers that will make an impact on that user's health. Together, we can extend and amplify treatment to provide unmatched care to patients with diabetes.  

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