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DiaNavi has a strong history of clinical evidence of helping patients extend and amplify clinical practice outside of the clinic. 


We are currently engaged with two institutions to study the benefits of DiaNavi in a rigorous, controlled manner. If you have any interesting ideas for collaboration or would like to partner with us to conduct research, please reach out!


If you are interested in learning more about how DiaNavi helps patients understand the drivers of their health and improve their clinical trajectory, download our white paper.  


User 113

Learn how DiaNavi helped this user understand the complex set of interactions between the her behavior, diet, and activity that were causing her glucose to spike. Only DiaNavi is able to integrate data from disparate data streams into a simple set of visuals that is then provided to the user as individualized coaching and reinforcement. With DiaNavi, she was able to see a 3 point reduction in her A1c in less than 6 months.


User 47

DiaNavi helped this user discover how their effort to increase the intensity of activity led to worse activity compliance. DiaNavi noticed that shorter, more frequent but less intense workouts not only had greater compliance but also a great positive impact on their cardiovascular health. Almost every other technology would have tried to get the user to continue doing high-intensity activity, leading to a worse outcome. Due to DiaNavi's advanced detection and intelligence algorithms, the user received positive encouragement and reinforcement on their increased activity, helping them continue making positive health decisions.

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