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Delivering real-time, personalized, and actionable lifestyle guidance for diabetes.

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DIANAVI is here to help you navigate and control diabetes.


You go to the doctor, get a diagnosis, make a care plan, but are left on your own. DIANAVI is your digital health coach on your smartphone. It is always looking for opportunities throughout your day to help you meet lifestyle goals recommended by the ADA. DIANAVI can give you the insight you need to better control diabetes.


DIANAVI gives you a single integrated snapshot of your patient's progress with their treatment and their determinants of health.


DIANAVI can find and highlight opportunities to quickly give you a deeper insight into your patient’s lifestyle and outcomes. We use artificial intelligence to assess their behavior and give them customized suggestions on healthy choices according to ADA guidelines. Your patients will have 24/7 diabetes coaching, and you will have more information at your fingertips to easily tailor your recommendations and give a more personalized approach to diabetes care.


Diabetes Educators


DIANAVI is an extension of your practice and easy to use.


All your patients have to do is set it up on their smartphone and everything runs in the background. It's constantly coaching users to ADA lifestyle guidelines and the goals you help them set. It’s a way to prescribe behavioral changes, and then see how well your patient is adhering to their new lifestyle. At their next visit, you can get a single integrated snapshot of how your patient is doing with their treatment and their determinants of health. You won't have to search through various healthcare, wellness, nutrition, exercise apps and other data sources, since DIANAVI integrates the data and synthesizes the insight.

How It Works

DIANAVI uses your existing smartphone and health apps to:

  • analyze your performance

  • determine trends

  • provide actionable and adaptable coaching

  • monitor your achievements

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How to Download

DIANAVI is launching for beta testing as DiabEZ. Click the link below to download, or search DiabEZ on the App Store!

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